Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms


Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Golden Emperor) is an isolation of one of the most popular magic mushroom strains of all time, the Golden Teacher. The Golden Teacher strain was originally developed and named in the late 1980s has become synonymous as “The Magic Mushroom”. GT shrooms has been a fan favorite for its ability to consistently provide insightful and meaningful experiences while still providing euphoric experiences. The Golden Emperor isolation is no different, but the highest psilocybin containing mushrooms were isolated to develop this new strain. 

 The Golden Emperor shrooms are characterized by golden/caramel caps and light/colourless stems. The caps of these mushrooms maybe speckled with yellow or white colours. This is an above average strength strain that is also acceptable for first timers. Consuming Golden Emperor shrooms will provide an insightful experience where you may learn a thing or two about yourself or the universe. It’s a great strain to be enjoyed with a safe group of friends to enhance feelings of connectedness and have an unforgettable experience. Like most mushrooms we recommend enjoying them out in nature or at a comfortable and safe indoor setting.

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