Everything You Need to Know About Magic Mushroom Edibles

Magic mushroom edibles are an entirely new way to go on a psychedelic journey. Imagine starting your trip with a delicious and lip-smacking snack instead of dry and leathery shrooms.

Beginning your psychedelic journey with a delicious treat has some serious upsides besides flavor. They can also help reduce nausea and are a cinch to dose.

As magic mushroom edibles get more popular, there’s a wide range of tasty choices. Choose from chocolate bars, gummies, and other snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

However, magic mushroom chocolates and edibles differ from dry magic mushrooms in a few key ways. To find out what those differences are and why shroom edibles are a game changer, then continue reading below.

What Are Magic Mushroom Edibles?

Magic Mushroom edibles refer to any magic mushroom snack. Usually, these are magic mushroom chocolates and gummies.

There is nearly an unlimited variation in chocolates, from sweet milk chocolate to high-end dark chocolate. Gummies come in all shapes and sizes—from gummy bricks to gummy bears.

Typically, magic mushroom edibles are infused with powdered magic mushrooms. First, chefs blend high-quality dried magic mushrooms into fine powder.

This fine powder is then carefully combined with various delicious chocolate or sugar ingredients. The result is various magic mushroom edibles ready to deliver you on the trip of your life.

Magic Mushroom Edible Benefits

Magic mushroom edibles are the best for flavor, convenience, and comfort. There’s nothing like unwrapping a chocolate bar or gummy pack and munching away.

While you can do the same thing with dry mushrooms, the taste is unpleasant—to say the least. People will often mask the taste of magic mushrooms with peanut butter or other ingredients.

Magic mushroom edibles don’t have this problem because they’re already appetizing. In fact, they’re so good that you may find it challenging to limit your dose.

Speaking of dose, one main advantage of magic mushroom edibles is easy dosing. That’s because most edibles come with measured doses.

That makes it simple to eat a few gummies or pieces of chocolate to get the perfect trip.

Perhaps the best part of shroom edibles is that they can reduce nausea. Many psychonauts have trouble eating dried shrooms straight up because they often get an upset stomach.

The problem is that magic mushrooms contain a compound called chitin. This chitin isn’t a dangerous compound but is difficult to break down in the digestive system.

This is especially an issue for people with sensitive stomachs. Yet, magic mushroom edibles are here to save the day.

So to avoid an unpleasant come-up, try a magic mushroom edible for your next journey.

Magic Mushroom Edible Effects

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Magic mushroom edibles have all the effects you know and love from regular psilocybin mushrooms. You’ll feel boundless euphoria, profound realizations, and incredible awe.

You can expect a full range of visuals like geometric patterns, breathing effects, and more at higher doses.

Overall, magic mushroom edibles often have a well-balanced effect profile. They are neither too overwhelming nor weak.

However, the effects you feel depend heavily on the dose you take as well as your set and setting.

How Long Does It Take for Magic Mushroom Edibles to Kick In?

Magic mushroom edibles often kick in faster than dry magic mushrooms. Most people report edibles taking about 15-20 minutes until they start feeling the come up.

Contrast that with 30-45 minutes with dry magic mushrooms, and edibles are incredibly speedy. The speed of edibles is likely due to how edibles are made.

Often, magic mushroom edibles are heated, especially chocolates. There’s a good chance that the psilocybin in the shrooms converts into psilocin.

Psilocin is the active compound responsible for the hallucinations we feel from shrooms. That means the psilocin may be ready to get you tripping immediately.

How Long Do Magic Mushroom Edibles Last?

Magic mushroom edibles last just as long as regular magic mushrooms. That can be anywhere from 4-6 hours or even longer.

However, the faster onset of edibles means they might feel shorter overall. Many people report that edibles rarely last longer than the four-hour mark.

Are Magic Mushroom Edibles Stronger?

Overall, magic mushroom edibles and dry psilocybin shrooms have the same potency. Of course, it all depends on your dosage.

A 1.5-gram dose of an edible will be about the same as with dry shrooms. Yet, the fast onset can sometimes make edibles feel stronger since they hit quickly.

However, there are some incredibly potent magic mushroom strains, such as Penis Envy. Often, magic mushroom edibles aren’t made with these super-potent strains.

If you’re looking for raw potency, you’re better off searching for a powerful strain rather than an edible one.

How to Dose Magic Mushroom Edibles

Dosing magic mushroom edibles couldn’t be easier. Often, each pack of gummies or a chocolate bar comes with a total amount of psilocybin mushrooms.

For example, a chocolate bar or gummy pack can feature 3000 milligrams (3 grams) of magic mushrooms. That means you’ll have a dry mushroom dose of 3 grams if you eat the entire bar or bag.

But chocolate bars usually come in breakable pieces, and candies come in individual pieces. That means that each piece or gummy has an approximate dose.

In the example above, a 12-square chocolate bar will have 0.25 grams of magic mushrooms in each square. That means you’ll know exactly how to dose without needing to measure anything.

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